Actual students

Ahmed Dhab, Ph. D. student (Université Laval – Département de géologie et de génie géologique)


Olivier Girou, Ph. D. student (Université Laval – Département de géologie et de génie géologique)

Olivier Girou is interested in the potential risks associated with the geological storage of CO2 in the saline aquifers of the St. Lawrence Lowlands. His research aims to quantify the effects of overpressures caused by CO2 injections at the sedimentary basin scale. Through modelling, he strives to delineate pressure build-up and brine migration toward surficial freshwater aquifers.


Maher Nasr, master’s student (INRS-ETE)

Maher Nasr is interested in estimating the geothermal potential of the St. Lawrence Lowlands sedimentary basin for electricity production. Thermal conductivity and capacity of geological units, regional geothermal gradient and terrestrial heat flow are required for this evaluation. Petrophysical characterisation, log and core analyses, natural radioactivity measurements and 3D modeling are the tools that will be used to locate geothermal anomalies in the basin. The numerical evaluation of thermal energy stored in the basin is a primary objective of Maher Nasr.


Linda Armelle Nzumotcha Tchoumkam, Ph. D. student (INRS-ETE)

Linda Armelle Nzumotcha Tchoumkam is working on imaging deep saline aquifers using electromagnetic methods. Her research specifically focuses on quantifying the resolution limits of the magnetotelluric method for delineating aquifers in the poorly known geoelectric context of the St. Lawrence Lowlands. The benefit will be better assessments of regional-scale storage potential.


Lorenzo Perozzi, Ph. D. student (INRS-ETE)

Lorenzo Perozzi is studying seismic properties, namely compressional (P) and shear (S) wave velocity and attenuation as a function of CO2 saturation in reservoir rocks of the St. Lawrence Lowlands. He is also interested in characterizing the reservoir and subsequently monitoring the injection using high-resolution seismic methods such as VSP and cross-borehole tomography.



Past students

Camille Dubreuil-Boisclair, Ph.D. obtained in 2013 (INRS-ETE)

Thesis: Modélisation stochastique du réservoir d’hydrates de gaz de Mallik

Benjamin Gosselin-Cliche, M.Sc. obtained in 2013 (INRS-ETE)

Thesis: Modélisation par la méthode des coefficients optimaux de l’onde viscoélastique 2D et 3D dans le domaine fréquentiel

Jean-François Grenier, M.Sc. obtained in 2014 (INRS-ETE)

Thesis : Caractérisation pétrographique et pétrophysique du Groupe de Potsdam dans le forage A203, basses-terres du Saint-Laurent

Gaëlle Grundman, Ph.D. obtained in 2013 (INRS-ETE and Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris VI)

Thesis: Évaluation des potentiels en huile de gaz du nord-est de la Gaspésie (Québec, Canada) : approche géochimique et modélisation 2D du système pétrolier

Adeline Parent, Ph.D. obtained in 2012 (INRS-ETE)

Thesis: Modélisation 3D du système pétrolier du bassin nord-est de la Gaspésie, Québec, Canada

Stéphanie Roy, Ph.D. obtained in 2008 (INRS-ETE)

Thesis: Maturation thermique et potentiel pétroligène de la Ceinture de Gaspé, Gaspésie, Québec, Canada

Benjamin St-Pierre, M.Sc. obtained in 2013 (INRS-ETE)

Thesis: Apport de la sismique réflexion à l’analyse structurale de la structure de Saint-Simon

Diego Tovar, M.Sc. obtained in 2014 (INRS-ETE)

Thesis : Reconstruction de la géométrie du synclinorium de la Baie des Chaleurs au nord de Bonaventure par l’intégration des données géologiques et géophysiques


Past trainees

Marie-Claude Brunet-Ladrie Summer 2009
Micha Horswill Summer 2013
Hilda Paucar Fall 2011
Jonathan Royer Summer 2011
Arushi Saxena Summer 2013