Geological excursions in the St. Lawrence Lowlands

In July 2010, members of the Chair enjoyed a week of geological excursions in the St. Lawrence Lowlands. The goal of these field trips was to examine the sedimentary rocks of the St. Lawrence Lowlands platform in the Chair’s current study area. The trips gave all Chair members working on the characterization and modelling of potential CO2 reservoirs and caprocks the chance to observe typical outcrops for each of the stratigraphic units in the platform. Their observations will be useful for understanding the region that is the focus of the Chair’s research.

Rocks from the following geological groups were examined during the excursions: Potsdam, Beekmantown, Chazy, Black River, Trenton, Utica, Lorraine and Queenston. Contacts between the formations were also distinguished; some were sharp, others more gradual. Fold and fault structures were also observed in the southeast part of the platform as team members approached Logan’s Line, the structural front of the Appalachians.

The following pictures show some of the outcrops visited.

Reservoir rocks