Geological field trips – Summer 2011

Field trips in the St. Lawrence Lowlands

In July 2011, members of the Research Chair once again held a week of geological field trips in the St. Lawrence Lowlands just as they did in 2010. The goal was to introduce students to the St. Lawrence Lowlands sedimentary rocks that constitute the Chair’s current study area.

For more photos, see the summer 2010 field trip page.

Field trips in the Québec City region

Following up on the 2010 field trips held in the greater Montréal/Trois-Rivières region, the Chair’s team organized a two-day geological tour of the Québec City region in June 2011. The goal was to become familiar with rocks deposited after the Beekmantown Group, collectively forming the foreland basin. The rocks examined belonged to the Trenton, Utica, Sainte-Rosalie and Lorraine groups.

The photos below show some of the outcrops visited during the trip.